Reporting Issues

Please report issues to Jira.


Maistra’s source code can be found in the locations below.

Documentation code review process

In order for documentation to be merged, the following are required:

  • Review from two members of the Maistra team

  • Successful build

  • No broken links

  • No spelling errors

  • Documentation must be written according to the OpenShift documentation style guide.

Branching strategy

Every Maistra minor release has a branch of the format maistra-release in every repository. For example, the 1.0 release has a branch maistra-1.0 and 1.1 has a branch maistra-1.1. This is true for all branches including documentation. On every release, a tag is created for the current patch, for example maistra-1.1.0.

On every minor release, a new Maistra subdomain is created for the release in development, and the Maistra website is switched to point at the current active release branch. The default branch for all repositories is changed to point at the newest development branch. This means that the branch that the website is based off of or that code is deployed from is always one minor release behind. For example, when the default branch for is maistra-1.2, then the branch that is being deployed to is maistra-1.1.